What we do

The Real Meat Co-Operative is a group of Organic farmers producing and selling quality food directly to the public.
We sell frozen meat and eggs at farmers’ markets and directly into your freezer.
We Specialise in Organic Dexter Beef.

Organic All our members/suppliers are Certified Full Symbol Organic producers audited by The Organic Trust or by IOFGA.

Traceable– All our meat is completely traceable back to birth.

Grass Finished–It takes longer than grain finishing, but produces tastier beef and lamb, with a healthier Omega 3­/ Omega 6­ profile.

Dry Aged– Our target is 30 days for beef and 10 days for lamb, to produce tastier, more tender meat

Where we are

Thursday: Bishopstown Farmers' Market beside The Outpost, Curraheen Road 10:00-14:00

Fridays: Mallow Farmers' Market. The market is located in the car park at the Dairygold Co-Op SuperStore. 10:00-13:30

Tuesdays: (Cancelled) Wilton Farmers' Market - We're attending Bishopstown on Thursdays instead

On larger orders, we can deliver directly to your freezer. Please call us for details.

Who we are

Niall Moynihan

Co Cork.

Licensed by Organic Trust, No 1014

Dexter beef
Traditional breed pork & bacon


086 190 1180


Conor Cagney

Gibbingsgrove House
Co Cork.

Licensed by IOFGA, No 6918

Dexter & Hereford beef
Texel lamb


087 989 6990

Sean Dineen

The Mills
Co Cork

Licensed by Organic Trust, No 1072.

Dexter beef.